Welcome to Colton's ARMY website

Welcome to Colton's Army website....

We have created this website as 'one place' to gather prayer warriors who are interested in learning more about Colton's journey.


It is a community of prayer warriors and supporters who LOVE a 14-year old HERO who has been called to battle cancer 5 times in 5 years.  He has the smile that can melt you, the heart of an angel and the fight of a true soldier....but he needs all of you to PRAY for God-SIZED miracles.  To follow his story, he has a Colton's Army facebook page you can join & a CaringBridge site that we update regularly so you know what his prayer requests/needs are.  Thank you for your support, love, encouragement and PRAYERS.  God Bless.


There are links on the left hand side of this site and we encourage you to click on each one:

  • One link connects you to Colton's Army facebook page and gives you the information to his Caringbridge site (we update both of these as often as we can to share updates on his progress - request specific prayers - share joy



  • One link: to Colton's Army webshop (cotton t-shirts, tech t-shirts, car decal stickers, bracelets)

Thank you for your love, support and prayers for our hero and family - we are truly grateful.

One link is where we like to share pictures of YOU - it is amazing to see all the Colton's Army ORANGE gear in his honor spreading awareness 

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Our hero getting his T-cells apheris'd....August 2013
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