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a Day that will never be forgotten! Russell Wilson + Colton finally met...August 11, 2014...such an incredible day for both of them I hope.

WHO is Colton & why does he need an Army?  

Colton's Army is a movement of prayer warriors and supporters who LOVE a 15-year old HERO who has been called to battle cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) 5 times in 5 years.  He has the smile that can melt you, the heart of an angel and the fight of a true soldier....and he needs all of you to PRAY for God-SIZED miracles. He has endured 2 bone marrow transplants, 1 stem cell transplant & one revolutionary T-cell therapy trial to beat this...we are praying for a CURE, please pray with us one day at a time...with faithful prayers. 



1/28/15 UPDATE:  We received miracle news that Colton's body has no detectable cancer with no scientific explanation...AMEN!  He will continue with chemo, while we determine where/what our hero's body needs in the days ahead to remain in a forever remission.  Amen!  Please keep your faithful prayers coming.

3/25/2015 UPDATE:  We received miracles news that Colton's body from his bone marrow aspiration on 3/23/2015 show no evidence of cancer!  AMEN!  He will continue on maintenance ALL chemo and will have a repeat BMA in 3 months...Please continue to pray for healing and a whole lot of normal for this sweet hero.  Thank you.

6/16/2015 Update:  We received MORE miracle news today...Colton's bone marrow aspiration results from 6/15/15 came back showing NO EVIDENCE of CANCER!!!  We are beyond grateful and excited to enjoy this Summer Cancer-FREE!  Amen!  Please keep praying for NO CANCER ever again :)

9/24/2015 Update:  We received MORE miracle news today....Colton's bone marrow aspiration results from 9/23/15 came back showing NO EVIDENCE of CANCER - AMEN!  We also were informed by Infectious Disease that after this month's 5-day stint of daily 4 hour infusions, we can discontinue anti-fungal as long as our hero remains healthy (no flu, etc).  We repeat these bone marrow aspirations every 3-months while we continue to live life to its fullest and enjoy our normal blessings.  Colton is still on active chemo daily and monthly.  Please keep praying for our hero and a CURE...many thank yous.

12/16/15 Update:  We received the only gift we really wanted this Christmas and that is the news of NO CANCER in our hero's body after his bone marrow aspiration on 12/14/15.  AMEN!  Merry Christmas!   

3/11/16 Update:  Our hero had his every 3 month bone marrow aspiration done on 3/9/16 and we received news from our doctor that his bone marrow and spinal fluid show no evidence of disease - no cancer!  Amen!!!!  He also tried out for his highschool's golf team and found out that he made it, so he is thrilled to be healthy and living an active life.  AMEN! 

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donations can be sent to:  PO Box 12403   Mill Creek, WA 98082 (checks to "Colton's Army) OR

go to any KeyBank and make a donation to 'THE Colton J Matter fund' - you will need this account number:  471993000200

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Our hero getting his T-cells apheris'd....August 2013
Blessings - this is a journey we can't do alone. F.R.O.G.
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