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a Day that will never be forgotten! Russell Wilson + Colton finally met...August 11, 2014...such an incredible day for both of them I hope.

WHO is Colton & why does he need an Army?  

Colton's Army is community of prayer warriors and supporters who LOVE a 14-year old HERO who has been called to battle cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) 5 times in 5 years.  He has the smile that can melt you, the heart of an angel and the fight of a true soldier....and he needs all of you to PRAY for God-SIZED miracles. He has endured 2 bone marrow transplants, 1 stem cell transplant & one revolutionary T-cell therapy trial to beat this...we are praying for a CURE, please pray with us one day at a time...with urgent prayers. 


**We just learned that the NIH CD22 trial has been approved and will be taking their first two 16+ year old patients in November & December...praying this is their cure and brings them REMISSION & a cure.  Please pray that everything goes as planned and Colton will get the wonderful, miracle he needs in February 2015 to cure his stupid cancer for good...F.R.O.G.  Amen! 

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  • One link - how to follow Colton's journey
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    • How to DONATE to Colton's Army (medical fund):
      • donations can be sent to:  PO Box 12403   Mill Creek, WA 98082 (checks to "Colton's Army) OR
      • go to any KeyBank and make a donation to 'THE Colton J Matter fund' - you will need this account number:  471993000200
  • One link - where we share all upcoming and ongoing FUNdraisers 
  • One link - some pretty amazing news clips and articles have been written about our hero's journey (media stories)
  • One link - pictures of many of YOU showing your ORANGE love for our hero!  ORANGE is the color for Leukemia....thank you for loving us & fighting with us every step of the way!  We are forever grateful.

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Our hero getting his T-cells apheris'd....August 2013
the Matter Family